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I believe Yoga is for everybody, no matter of shape, size or age. Yoga is not all about the poses - it's about the journey to the pose, the time spent in the moment


Do you need to rebalance and centre yourself? Are you looking for a holistic approach to your wellness? Allow me to help you ground yourself in these challenging times and utilise my wide range of skills and offerings to tailor a wellness plan to suit you. In our consults I will consider all of your wellness challenges and use a range of practices including yoga, breathing practices, guided meditations, journalling, dietary recommendations, self massage and essential oil support to help you move into a better state of wellness for good. Your initial session will include a 15min follow up call after two weeks and moving forward you will have the option for continual support through weekly or monthly sessions to propel your wellness forward to new levels. Feel revitalised and like yourself again! 


Inclusions -
                          Yoga - Asana 

                          Pranayama - vital breathing practices

                          Guided Meditations


                          Daily Routine.

                          Dietary recommendations - Eastern and Western

                          Abyungar - self-massage 


                          Essential Oil’s support 

                          Bakti Yoga  


Wellness Consultation
$150 - 90min consultation
Via Zoom

$120 Introductory Offer - 20% OFF!!
Book your first Wellness Consultation with Di before 30th November 2020 for 20% off. 

BOOKINGS: Click here to book, or text Di [+61 419 135 136] or email




           Namaste beautiful Yogis,           


   WOW what a year it has been and continues to be! 


I hope you have had the opportunity to connect with your family and loved ones and are getting out in nature as much as possible. It certainly has not been an easy time for us all. Some finding it tougher than others and my heart goes out to those of you. Personally I have had moments of pure inspiration and joy, and times of total confusion and lack of direction. We have certainly been granted plenty of time to reflect and consider what really is important and what isn’t.

I have been teaching Yoga online, doing extra teacher training for myself, and doing a lot of soul searching. It has left me at times feeling not good enough which has left me wondering is this path the right one? With all of this soul searching I have finally realized I AM enough in fact I have so very much to offer and share which is and has always been MY Passion.


My teachings come from life experience.


I have been a student of yoga for close to 30 years and I still struggle to do a Handstand with out the wall -  but as I’m sure you are all learning that is not what YOGA is about - thank goodness! I have always been interested in the unusual and different which goes with being an Aquarian I trained in Reiki in the 90’s then followed that with Kinesiology which in the day was ….witchcraft!!! I grounded myself in Massage in 2003 and spent 10 years learning and growing with energy healing and bodywork. 

Yoga appeared again in my life in 1990 and it totally transformed me, from the inside out. With such great change comes the passion to share and help others so i eventually completed a 2 year 350hr training in 2013 and my teaching journey began. I have since trained also in Yin, Restorative, Tantra, Sound Healing, and Aromatherapy - Insights Card Readings. 

At the moment I’m deep into Ayurveda, Yoga’s sister science the food and lifestyle of Yoga. With my many pieces of training (read more about my full story here) and a lot of raw life experience, I have begun my new journey as a Holistic Wellness Consultant, which has always been my passion….it has only taken 57years to own it :-) I look forward to supporting you on your wellness journey.

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