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Healing Offerings with Di






Are you ready to shift and embrace the best version of your authentic self?

Are you ready to clear stress, blocked emotions, and outdated belief programs?

If your answer is YES then I would love to hear from you. 

Clearing out stress allows the body to begin its own innate healing process.

To book text 0419135136





Abhyanga is a massage that's done with warm oil. The oil is applied on the entire body, from the scalp to the soles of your feet.

Here’s how to practice abhyanga:

1. Lay a towel on the floor beneath you that you have designated to be your “oil towel.” It will get oily! 

2. Warm oil in a stainless steel, copper, cast iron, or glass pan. Some people use butter or tea warmers and warm the oil over the candlelight.

3. Using the palms of your hands, apply the oil first to the front side of your pelvic area including the low belly and pubic bone, using very slow up and down movements. Move around to the sides of the hips, then the sacrum and buttocks in the back. Use a circular motion on all joints, the hip joints in this case, starting with the left hip first. 

4. Next, work down your left leg and foot with long strokes on the muscles and circular movements on the joints. Repeat on your right leg and foot. 

5. Moving up to the navel, apply oil in a circular motion starting from the naval spiraling out, moving the hand up the right side and down the left side of the torso.  Finish down the left side of the belly. Then work in vertical movements around the left side of your chest, including the breast area, and along the side of the torso. Do the same for the right side. 

6. As much as your flexibility will allow, apply oil to your back, using up and down movements from the waist to the upper back, working on the spine as much as possible. You might like to get assistance with your upper back. Do your best to cover the entire body.

7. Next, work the oil from the navel, spiraling clockwise very slowly. Move up the right side and down the left side as you spiral out. Finish down the left side of the belly.

8. Move up to your left shoulder and work down your left arm and hand. Work long movements on the muscles and circular on the joints. Do the same for the right side. 

9. Finally, apply oil to your neck, face and scalp using smooth, even strokes. Be sure to give your scalp a good amount of oil, as it will revive its strength and vitality and increase the quality of your hair. If you opt out of oiling your scalp and hair, do everything else anyway as you will still get good benefit. Aim to include your scalp at least once per week.

10. When you are finished, you can cover with an “oil towel” or clothes you have designated for this purpose and relax for 15 to 20 minutes before taking a warm bath or shower without soap. You can also remain without clothes as long as the room is warm.

Daily practice of abhyanga will bring a sense of peace and calm to your life. Even if you can only practice a few times a week, you will certainly notice the difference in how you feel. 





Please join me for this reading with a difference.

During your card reading, you will discover what essential oils will support you through the coming months.

We will set an intention for the session as you experience the gorgeous aromas and healing qualities of these beautiful oils.

Take home Aura Spray and  Goddess Perfume Oil 

This really is a beautiful experience that will continue to give.

Treat Yourself.

To Book txt 0419135136


Learning to be still and surrender to what is.

With no expectations let me guide you through a simple yet profound Meditation technique

to help you find inner peace and calm. 

Gain clarity and experience a deep sense of freedom. 

Yoga Nidra 

Is otherwise known as yogic sleep.

A 20-minute guided Yoga Nidra is as nourishing as 4hrs of deep sleep.

Resting with awareness. 

Group Sessions 


Bookings at 0419135136




Give Yourself the gift of touch 


Indulge yourself with aromatherapy oils specifically

designed for your needs and intention.

During the session, you will

experience the subtle aromas of essential oils which invoke an essence of peace and balance.

At the end of your massage

you will receive reiki or medicine drum sound vibration. 

Pure Bliss

Add on take-home aura  spray

$150 or text +61 419 135 136


Ghee is also known as clarified butter .

Butter with the fat removed

Ghee is great for your digestion it fights inflammation,lubricates the body lowers Cholesterol, contains linolic acid which fights cancer and it grounds and calms Vata .

How to cook ghee-

In a heavy based pot simmer butter over low heat for about 15 -20mins.there will be a thin covering over the top and a thicket sediment at the bottom .At this point you need to watch the ghee very carefully.It is done when the  crackling sound has almost entirely stopped and the butter is golden in colour.

Allow too cool for 30mins before straining into glass jars.


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